many sites are difficult to let visitors re visit and buy products, at present, how to change the visitors to customers has become the biggest challenge of e-commerce. Before taking concrete measures to solve the situation, self inspection should be done in some ways. For small and medium business websites, it is important to have a good understanding of the following guidelines.

1, perfect your website navigation system

first, you have to make your site has a simple navigation structure, otherwise, the first visit to the user may get lost on your site, you can find the required content is very important in your website. In addition, the establishment of the station search engine and site navigation page is also helpful. Your website should contain as little as possible to avoid standing in the picture to open the page when visitors wait too long, the link of the text should be underlined, now most visitors no longer love without buttons and underline links, in addition, I strongly advise you to list the detailed structure of the website in the navigation page.

2, lists related and subsequent operating procedures

many site owners have asked the same question: "I do a lot of site visits, I can’t sell anything, what is the problem?" when accessing this site, most of the time is very easy to find the problem. Some sites lack basic relevant and follow up procedures, and if visitors don’t read them, it’s understandable that they don’t buy anything. There are often some customers say, they founded on some vendor websites and web sites to Home Furnishing supplies mainly interested in, in order to increase the trust of the customer, you should be in the relevant procedures and subsequent page lists some quiz (FAQ). If you ship goods through UPS express, you should add a UPS link so that customers can check the goods on the internet.

3. answers questions for visitors in a timely manner,

did you answer the visitor’s question in 24 hours? If not, then you certainly lost potential customers. The immediate answer visitor questions is very important. If you ask a question or price on a website, a few days did not reply, even the poor are few clicks on your own, then you will not continue to stay, or cooperate with him? When visitors have questions and they won’t be a customer, so be sure to keep their Email, then send them back, and inform them in new products or services.

4, implement some new strategies

as a site owner, you must often employ several different strategies to let your visitors revisit and attract new visitors. For creative ideas, I have suggested that our users provide free samples or complimentary shopping vouchers for shopping customers. Online shopping vouchers are very popular, and you can also consider playing some holidays