in 2014, the most popular events in the webmaster circle are Baidu and 360, and the two of them have been hot topics. There is renewed circle of events, people from the media is the "spring" of the coming second.

often read blog users will find these from the media platform: Sina, micro-blog, Sohu news, Baidu hundred, NetEase cloud reading, today’s headlines, 360 from the media platform…

in fact, in these media platforms since the most popular media is today’s headlines today, I analyze why today’s headlines from the media platform rookie will Sina, NetEase in talent shows itself these well-known media platform. Today’s headlines in the mobile terminal APP share has exceeded Sohu news client, far from the Sina media mobile client left behind. Why, today’s headlines this media platform to those old well-known media left behind, this article will stand in the media from the point of view for you to resolve:


1: today’s headlines can flow to their website.

, I’m in China province. I work as a blogger in China. I’m a self media person. I am a grass root webmaster. Webmaster has a habit every day is to check the webmaster statistics, analysis of traffic data.

today, open statistics to see, surprise discovery, from today’s headlines, the flow of the most, and even the search engine traffic flow down. After the surprise, please open today’s headlines backstage view. Sure enough, I found today’s headlines updated, the success of today’s headlines published in the lower right corner of the article, there is a hyperlink to my blog address. This is actually the protection of the copyright of the media people.

headlines today this update, media people will be able to headlines today huge traffic directed to their media sites. After this update is predicted, there will be a large number of people from the media, webmasters into today’s headlines.

2: today’s headlines in the media platform to self advertising profits.

as a grassroots webmaster, from the media, the purpose of writing articles is for profit; Adsense run a web site, you can earn advertising fees through the site’s traffic.

however, in today’s headlines from the media to the construction site and domain name server costs costs are saved, as long as the platform of media headlines today published the article is of high quality, original high, active high. In line with today’s headlines of self advertising plan, you can join the self-employed advertising program to achieve advertising profit sharing.


(the number of articles I’ve been making headlines is over 70W times)

3: today’s headlines amazing reading amount

, in my article in today’s headlines, the most one has 1 million readings, showing more than 5 million times, and the volume of collections is 5000>