now what websites come flow? The answer is definitely a movie station, entertainment on this station!, I feel the same way! Look under the list of top movie website traffic sources, most of them are almost directly enter the URL access




this explains what problems, which shows that people’s Web site is good, save people.

now the movie station resources more to go, as long as the whole is too large, generally not what problem, build a key acquisition of a station, but the resulting duplicate content we said Baidu doesn’t love you too much, it does not matter, your website landscaping beautification, the whole good, come on, don’t do virus popups, fierce propaganda, desperate publicity, a long time, the user will remember you! For example, SEO technology optimized by others, we use than others long time to promote a website, I think the last one who remember you

website!This technology is suitable for the

did not understand SEO optimization webmaster, who is not willing to live after all toil, shortly before the A5 is not an article: "the website Baidu is not included in the same flow can be over a million", that is, in a word, there are people capable, old people have real method honest, just look at your own experience.

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