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in school network information management, the University also has website production this course is mainly about HTML, LAN construction, school is to let us do a static page or a personal homepage, although all level is not known, but still very love website construction, web design, don’t know why did you choose this occupation of network, but now that I think is good, after all, I have mastered this technology with network, network can also be regarded as a skill, everyone should learn to invest, not only is the construction site, the network everywhere in


in order to continue their own interests, they built a site navigation station, the first is for the convenience of their own to see, because the Internet has so many websites, in almost all the search engine search site navigation will find a lot of sites, but I love my own, but these online. The navigation station links above there are some mistakes, so I can get so much content, can not look at it, so every day to update a page, the error is removed, and then placed on their own feel the practical significance of the site or URL, now two months later, found the background statistics there are many friends in my navigation Oh, very happy.

In fact,

site navigation is dead, but many websites piled in there, I want them to work, according to each person the Internet to choose different mode, such as to the early experience the use of a site navigation steps, use where, how, how to set the first page, that can use the computer surfing the Internet to achieve a multiplier effect! These are needed to guide the navigation site, but I am not the master, so I do not know how to adjust and arrange site navigation, if you do this is a kind of knowledge.

The success of

site navigation is convenient for users, navigation site access cover and contain everything the fool, and do not need to remember a lot of domain name, but now the Internet users in general network knowledge level has been improved, site navigation is not what ordinary use, many people will use search engines to search their own needs what, with Baidu, not what can not find, so how to develop the navigation station? Navigation should be to guide the user to a higher level of knowledge, in order to reflect the true value of the navigation station. Integrated navigation station may be difficult to do this, but the navigation station professional can, because she was professional, because the professional, so trust! The content level is better arranged, so users in order to better learn more professional knowledge, through your navigation station, you can easily know how to increase their professional knowledge (because it contains more comprehensive website, everything, there is a saying: "only think, not to search").

construction of such a navigation station requires relatively high, you must have professional knowledge, or have professional collaborators, have a strong foundation of the station, can arrange the information hierarchy. Although I’m also studying navigation sites, it’s only >