every day to see IDC running news, every day look at space providers and Adsense PK, so sent this article. There’s nothing inside, just a real analysis.

a lot of people talk about how to recognize a good or bad space, in fact, this is nothing, a good IDC, only a little, it is a profitable IDC. Like you like to go to a restaurant,


hall to eat, where the environment is good, good taste, the price is reasonable, but this is just your idea. If the restaurant can’t make money, it will only close.

believe that many webmaster from large companies began renting space, large company space quality and service attitude, you must have the heart bottom. If you have to find a big company’s

The advantage of

is that you don’t run. Could it be that a "walk on" price is so expensive?

webmaster buy personal IDC space, the most worried about is running on foot, but carefully analysis down, found it is very sad inside. If left behind, there are 10 IDC running away, I think only

1 IDC is a liar (such as a monthly rental machine, put money after leaving), the other 9 are forced to go.

why do you say so? First let me analyze the cost of personal IDC.

server hardware > 3000 yuan, do not explain, understand the hardware people understand what the price can buy what machine.

bandwidth leased > 4000 years / yuan, it was said that there are 2000 yuan, I think this price is not necessarily dare to use the site, not to mention the pursuit of speed and stability of the IDC, to remind you, this is the electric

single line price, bandwidth is only 10M, double line price on this basis plus 2000.

host management software > 2000 yuan / year, this is not explained, do not tell me to use cracked version.

> other costs; 1000 yuan / year, such as the Internet, telephone fees, advertising fees. It is not the number of network fees, do not have advertising business, which is not a few hundred dollars


maybe you think I’m too thin. Do business, this is fine, or what to make?. Besides, some people do not know Alipay to fee, do not know when the transfer formalities rental fees are hundreds of servers, which is the cost.

adds up to the cost of a server IDC at least $10000. Remember, "at least."".

let’s say the price now. The assumption is that the 250G’s hard disk is actually only 250*1000*1000*1000/1024/1024/1024=232.83GB, and the system disk is 20G (why is it so big,


, because this is the server, because the webmaster might pick it up