I don’t think of myself as a website, but as an entrepreneur. The website is just a tool for me to start a business. The website is not the core of the enterprise.

my driving force: money. I need money for a few years. My parents don’t want my parents to suffer for the rest of my life.

as for the money, don’t talk about goals too far, I did not intend to do a website, because what is unknown, who do not know what will happen tomorrow, compared to the reality of the problem is, I am 20 years old this year, about 24 years of marriage, (because I am not college students in rural areas. I don’t have to worry about building), my parents for a lifetime of money just to purchase, to get married, house decoration, household appliances, furniture and gifts together, in accordance with the minimum count, about 60 thousand yuan, but also have a car not expensive about 50 thousand can be, I was in rural areas please, don’t laugh at me, this is in accordance with the minimum requirements of. So I need to hand when I was 24 years old 120 thousand, is now nearly at the end of 08, that is to say in the past 4 years I have 30 thousand year remaining pure, if in accordance with the total annual income of the remaining pure 2/3, I every year to ensure that 45 thousand pieces, if not cars every year to ensure that 26 thousand words block income.

as for parents, my parents are farmers farming, have no expertise in technology, stable work, good words can do for 1 years in one place, and then change the place, not to mention the endowment insurance. But my grandmother, I have no resentment in such a family, this is heaven, they are already very hard, if I am good, not too good, they will enjoy the rest of my life, and I was the only child.

entrepreneurship is not an easy thing, and often have the time to relax, think of these, can only continue to stick to it, maybe God gave me a good opportunity this time. If there is one more time, maybe 50 years later.

I chose the website: the website is what I can use right now, and it can help me achieve my goal.

here in our factory work if the monthly income of between 1000 to 1500, the basic digital technology, it will be higher in the unit, but I was a high school diploma only not what technology workers, if so, just $18000 a year in income it is pure, the remaining 12 thousand dollars, if you do not buy a car, up to 26 thousand dollars of income, so by working if my goal is impossible to achieve.

on the job is not possible, the other, I have considered selling the Shenzhou computer, but also with the Ji’nan branch, the threshold is relatively low, but if you do, it is necessary to use parents’ money to buy a house, buy a house at the end of this year is about to buy, here is the transformation of old villages, so this money is not active, so this road is no hope.

is not the same. Using the Internet to make money might reach >