if your shop has 100 items, how about the price of these goods? How much should I put in each price section? To answer these questions, I want to know what price control is. The purpose of setting up the price segment is to cover the corresponding user population and thereby occupy a particular market. The first is to set the price of the overall analysis of the category, understand the platform tendency and competition situation, and then make price segment of goods, according to the number of goods, sales and sales price of different rate for each commodity strategy, so as to optimize the layout of goods.


price war is a silent war, especially in the Taobao, the Tmall sales platform, millions of sellers, almost every category of market segments will have competitors, plus early user habits have already formed, using the "Amoy" mentality, to buy cheap goods caused by the seller, the competition will be very fierce. This forces sellers to use different means to find their own value points, and to differentiate and personalize them. Using the analysis of the price section, can help the seller to complete the differentiation construction better, and locate the sales group more clearly.

The price management of

goods is the core of the category operation, mainly controlling the target price segment, covering the corresponding users, and occupying a specific market. In one area of the consumers, their consumption ability and consumption habits are often fixed, that is to say, they are on the commodity brand, quality, price selection will be close, and the current domestic consumer price sensitivity is relatively high, if there is an absolute advantage in the price of a segment, it it may take the price corresponding to the market.

overall analysis

The overall analysis of the

category mainly depends on the price of the class, the main selling commodity, the number of people covered, and the total quantity of the goods. How much is the proportion of the goods?.


sales can be seen on the platform of the main sales category, the general platform will be inclined to this category, in advertising, search words out of the proportion of results will focus on. Even small categories don’t appear in search results at all.

The number of

goods basically determines the level of competition, the general quantity and sales are linear, and if sales are high, then the number of goods must be high. The reason is simple, operators will make this category bigger, and increase a lot of goods. So many commodities, sales, which is generally said that the red sea.

The proportion of

users refers to the real sales platform, some commodity sales is relatively high, but the real coverage of the user is not necessarily more, such as the above, 33% sales covering 56% of users, this category is the basic category, we must do a good job, to maintain user stickiness, so as to ensure that the users will not be lost. Although the sales of these users are not many, the risk of loss is small