, who says free forums aren’t successful, top it, the heart of Zhejiang, is a good example. 5d6d’s high school in Fujian, http://s.fjzx.5d6d.com, did a good job. What are their secrets,


let’s discuss it:

1, do other people haven’t done BBS, basic impossible, but we can find others to do less.

2, the website is faster, the speed of these free forums is very fast, and there is no space limit.

3, networking is a shortcut to success. Networking is so important. In real life, we have already seen the power of connections. In the Internet, in the webmaster community, no contacts, the development of the site is much more difficult. For a simple example, Wang’s reputation is well known. Maybe many people don’t know Zhang Zhengjun, but if you’re a station owner, you don’t know the king is really not". Accordingly, no matter what the website that King plans to do, what activity is held, the stationmaster that answers is very much.

4, avoid new sites into advertising. If it’s not quite right, try to avoid putting too much advertising on it. The search engine reads the web page frame link is very difficult, so you need to provide a simple framework method for them to enter your index page, a station before they do, because premature into advertising and other reasons, a long time to Baidu included.

5, a free forum propaganda I think is a concern, people will feel very unhappy, because he is standing in the propaganda campaign, I want to say is the main station provides two level domain name for your free program, unlimited space, and a free upgrade program, for its propaganda anyway. OK, let’s cut into the topic and publicize it. It should be divided into several stages,

a, 3000IP, 3000 of the owners did not have any strength, even if the 2900 I think it can only be said to be short-term speculation only, 3000 of the webmaster, want is to add content, the life basis of propaganda, veteran, website of supporters in


, B, 2, the first step is very tired, more than 3000 how to do this time, and then slowly publicity. Very tired! Not, should be considered for Links, and other free advertising (the number of advertisement is the key, you engage in so many people are not interchangeable, to do, to do specific, only one station do, and the 2 side ZhengZhan an advertisement, which is basically the effect) is a week increased by 40%.

C, then it will develop in the eyes of the beholder wise see wisdom.

6, the maintenance of the free forum is relatively simple, updated daily, that is certain. Some people always use free forums to do garbage stations, which I am very disgusted with, do a free forum, for you later on your own business, it is a lot of help, many successful people are not