in Baidu search "I love discount net", the top 10 there are several called I love discount network, this year has the same idea but the station stationmaster of a lot, do bigger and the top 10 are numbered, and today I want to investigate "I love discount network is just CNET China has ten million the acquisition of the level I love discount nets, see the magic I love discount nets what good magic.

, "", was founded in May 2004 and has maintained steady and rapid growth for 4 years. Up to now, the site has about 800000 registered members, the user access group is basically 20-40 years old, steady income of young consumers.

as a consumer information website, 55bbs covers shopping, delicacy, beauty, marriage, travel with all consumer related content, sharing and exchange through consumer information, consumer experience and consumer experience, is committed to the consumer to provide reference and guidance for better life, has become the consumer community portal Beijing the most popular.

we still start from the home page, the website is still relatively simple, is the style of Web1.0, at least from the point of view of design page picture, beautiful to professional judgment, not elaborated here.

In addition to the homepage and community, the

channel also offers food, tourism, outdoor, beauty, marriage, shopping and electronic coupons. Carefully check the contents of all channels, in addition to electronic coupons this channel, other content in 90% from the community forum, it seems that the website information sources have all been handed over to the forum consumer advertising and administrator, that the content of home is completely by the administrator editor, completely by their orientation, then I will say no more. Then we follow it, talk about the end of the community forum.

has 1108722 themes / 52500718 posts / 93507 Posts today / 834175 members / (2008.06.19.22:00 Statistics)

boy, a level of theme, qianwanji posts, replies the average of about 50, one hundred thousand day post, more than 80 members, now try to think of such a popular community can have many, or personal webmaster leading website, it is not simple, I do not know their management team, I do not know a few years. How many people are not aromatic, I love the discounted net had any interest, I usually do not care for poor and blank, shopping, shopping and rarely consider the discount issue Cheyuan, but also leads to a topic, what makes the thought of Han Hua business? I must guess Han Hua in life shopping had deep understanding, will put the keywordsdiscounts to the peak of my career.

I love the community system for discount networks. It’s Discuz5.5. It should be the previous generation of Discuz, and the latest version should be >