type: health site

profit model: its profit model is mainly advertising. At present, try to establish the relationship of interaction and cooperation with dozens of well-known pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions, such as community service annual health billboard and offline mode.

39 Health Network, although it has become China’s first health media network, but its profit model is still advertising. "The profit model is fuzzy and the profit model is single" is a common problem for health websites. A few years ago once prominent "Jinwei", "gamma doctor", "health 123" and "Maibo health" health website, before looking into the appropriate profit model have fallen. The only one that can survive and live well is the "39 Health Net"".

, however, recently, the 39 Health Network revision aims to build a user centric one-stop health management system, from the popularization of science information to the user experience, from content providers to service providers. 39 Health Network Co President Qin Gang said: "only the real understanding of the needs of users, in order to find the market opportunities." This revision is a positive attempt made by the 39 Health Network, which is the accumulation of profit diversification.

from content provider to service provider

is in the office of the 39 Health Network in the middle of the forest river road in Guangzhou, Tianhe District, and the editorial department occupies a floor area of nearly 2/3.

‘s editorial team of nearly 100 people has become the heart of the 39 Health network. "Almost all of our editors are medical professionals," Qin Gang says." In order to facilitate the users query, 39 Health Network built with the symptoms of disease, hospital library, library library and drug library, only drug library currently has 29435 pieces of drugs, "every piece of drug in our database has a detailed introduction and drug instructions".

after the revision of the 39 Health net pay more attention to the user experience, users will be able to directly according to the need to find the disease divisions into disease categories, fast page, and the related knowledge of disease, symptoms of self-examination, online consultation or patients forum and so on, all can quickly reach through this page.

"this makes a big adjustment, our best hope is to let users can really enjoy the feeling being served, plates and columns of traditional health website seemingly fancy, the online experience is not much value, like in the entertain." 39 Health Network Marketing Department official said.

, for example, many users prefer to stay indoors and do not have to queue up in crowded places". 39 Health Network will be arranged in the Department of diseases, each disease at the bottom of each page, with population and disease treatment guidelines in detail, provide professional hospital, excellent doctor and medical information accurate quotation.

in addition, many netizens have such confusion, which expert does best in any field? 39 Health Network provides >