today in QQ group, see a problem in A5 daily asked: "small company SEO, is a person, can be busy here? Or another bag?", Irwin gave the answer: " SEO is not an easy job, need to update the content, good exchange links and promotion, a person it is difficult to come. If the content of the station is fixed and not always updated, this is relative to a good point. The premise is to need to have SEO operation experience. Outsourcing, if the enterprise is selling products, but also can be considered, this is the need for investment returns, there is a certain risk. Sometimes the risks and rewards coexist, depending on the individual’s strategy. Whether it is personal operation or outsourcing, there is the possibility of success, there is also the possibility of failure, one is the consumption of personal energy, one is the loss of RMB, due to different circumstances and selected. "


so the theme of this article is, "a person’s SEO, whether can independently support website optimization", always believe that now if the friends in SEO to the company in the case, the limitation with the extension of time will become increasingly large, probably when you make up a number of Web sites, but also worried about these sites will not fall, to help the company to do the optimization, you may get the Commission is not high, we must rely on the amount to win, so if you do SEO, you might get all the percentage will feel it would be better than a lot, so here, just want to talk about what SEO a person’s needs and website optimization.

first of all, identify the site industry, determine the difficulty of the site keywords, competition intensity, and the price is reasonable, as well as the content of the demand update information

Do the right thing

limited energy, this is a list of the most wanted to do their own should do, then we should first consider this website is worth optimizing in contact with these sites, when we open a website, this website is a hastily. For structural disorder, poor user experience extremely, slow loading speed, the space is not stable, so that the site is often a decoration, if the company does not want to do the website intention to bring the site to do a reasonable idea, then why are you going to embarrass yourself to help them do the optimization?

in the first step for the site of the preliminary effect, to clear, it is selective to do the optimization, is not what you want to do can be done, especially the keyword of this piece, high strength keyword is often not on the grounds, so if one wants to do the optimization, some small contact list, do some simple long tail keywords is not a good way to survive. High difficulty and competitive keywords are often occupied by some industry websites. Within your limits, you can make reasonable website layout. Generally speaking, website weights can be improved.

then, analyze the content of the industry >