today for everyone to talk about the CN domain name, first of all say why love CN domain name

one, here also has some personal feelings, after all, people are using their own domain name is also reasonable, at this point or a little biased CN, this is also a little patriotic performance, ha ha.

The second is the

CN domain name is rich in COM in the Kingdom, those of us but it is very difficult to get the trophy in the battlefield, now want to register a local area related to the domain name do local sites are quite difficult, up to this point, I choose the CN domain name can also be registered to (such as also review in the domain of it) and easy to remember, especially nobody registered at the termination of individual registered CN domain name CN is a lot better off, a large number of idle and Shuangpin domain name, can now be registered more abundant resources show how love you, in the total China be the most changeful, in a word, CN there would be a day.

is the so-called "love how deep, hate how deep", I hate CN domain name reason is that some departments in China the efficiency is really too low, not flexible use, one thing to do two or three times.

first analysis, now register CN domain name to do something, registration fee 30, this everyone knows, one day found a platform 150, I hate surprise, can’t understand.


finished the relevant documents you need to register to upload ID (registered here you have the relevant documents uploaded) waiting for CNNIC approval within 7 working days (ten days I haven’t finished, reaction) after the domain name audit also need to record, the record is usually 30 days fast places like 15 days, what need to record related materials? ID photo (second times upload relevant documents), this is not what, recently also send a copy of the record data to the IDC company

here, I really want to ask. In general, for 30 days + review 7 days (my audit 10 days) + mail a few days, these two days I regret the registration of CN, so I re registered (subsonic), ha ha.

1, is there a record number can not be flexible? Since I registered CN uploaded my relevant documents, why not use my ID number as a record number, 431023XXX


direct and clear, to see that this site is legally registered, what society, every day, Scientific Outlook on Development, reform, as millions of webmaster service is so outdated, before it I do not want the idea. Why CN domain name registration policy can not be better than COM policy? When you register to submit personal data, and simply CN records on the distinction between ah, simple and clear, registered people will certainly be more.

2, and some people began to do a record site, a year later, others do not