heard 3721 of all sorts of dirty business means, such as a "threat to north of the Peking University Chinese net sold to others, such as" 3721 Internet assistant in a back door to your personal computer with things "etc..

recently saw Zhou Hongyi’s talk show on central 12, telling the story of his 3721 venture. It comes down to this:

initially rented a three bedroom apartment in the suburbs of Beijing, where Zhou Hongyi lived with his wife, a staff member and a company.

employees are not paid, there is only one vision: you follow me, what will the future be like?……

, at worst, 3721 of all employees eat on the salary of his wife (going out to work).

began to not see any profit pattern, all customers will ask "why should I buy your Chinese net" this day. Zhou Hongyi said, "I will kneel down to them and say," I beg you to buy it.


venture didn’t understand what 3721 was doing. The initial $200 thousand was basically not an investment. It was kind of pathetic.

later, needless to say. He succeeded.

coincidentally, the central 10 broadcast a Ma’s film. At that time, Ma on two sets of "about the people’s own story", he told people to sell his Chinese yellow pages, people do not hang him.

said he sold his Chinese yellow pages like a liar. The other man looked at him like a liar, because he could not understand what he was saying. Then Ma came out and looked at the bustling streets of Beijing in front of his camera. "5 years from now, Beijing won’t treat me like this," he said.

camera turns, Ma face his team, knocking on the wall of their own house, said: "your future is not such a house, but 50 sets of such a house!


later, needless to say. He has 50 sets of houses".

here, I will not discuss 3721 business ethics first, the primitive accumulation of capital is bloody.

I would like to sum up: the original, rich – have been forced out.

when you do something, you will ruin the doomed eternally, success is not far away. Because of this step, you will rack your brains and do nothing. This is probably an important reason for the success of those who advocate success? What fair competition? What are the ************* happy business?. There is no justice in the shopping malls, only the use of justice. Entrepreneurship will never be happy, only after the success of the memories are happy.

so, Internet startups don’t see people’s blog concussions every day, and then they eat their grapes on their beds in the middle of the night and look at the DVD side