in order to avoid trouble, not to mention the company’s name, and my company is also a high-tech company. This morning is the company’s third quarter earnings announcement days, digital ugly has long been expected thing, but no one occurred after 8 in the morning the earnings conference call things in the company (exactly almost all below VP are not expected to).

8:00am: the company’s third quarter earnings release, mentioned the need to further layoffs

8:30am: the company’s CEO sent out an in-house news email telling all employees that the company will conduct a series of restructuring measures, including layoffs, and announce the heads of all new businessunit.

9:00am: chatting with the company in the lunch area at the same time, talking about the rumors about downsizing,

9:45am: my Businessunit, CEO of businessunit, sent a news email inside the company to reiterate the company’s restructuring measures and to include a voice message in this email. In this voice message, CEO says that the employees who will be eliminated from the company will receive notifications today and in the next few days,

10:00am: from IM, a different group of colleagues who chatted with 9:00am in the morning went with her boss into our big boss’s office. The heart began to weigh heavily.

10:15AM: from a colleague who reports to a company headquarters in remote, he knows that the conference room of the company headquarters has all been requisitioned by the personnel department and began to notify the employees who have been cut off.

10:21am: pour tea in coffeeroom and two other colleagues, said it did not know what time the knife will fall on our heads, 10am came into my office the boss colleagues with a red package passing, we see, the probe came in and said she had been cut. The whole floor filled with a heavy and panic atmosphere, almost all people are sitting in their own cube honestly, busy with IM, to see if anyone has met the knife.

11:00am: see a hand with the group of colleagues walked into a conference room with red package and I get in before the boss, look at me with a heavy finger that packge; heart in convulsions, don’t know oneself is not a.

11:12am: an old print colleague from the same group said another group was informed. And 5 minutes before they were informed, the two colleagues also joked with each other on the toilet, saying that they didn’t know if they would be next.

11:30am: there are two groups under my site,

12:20pm: lunch with our colleagues, see us >