although the current major hospitals, medical institutions are still in the traditional marketing way of marketing, but with the advantage of network marketing and network promotion effect, has penetrated into various industries, more and more hospitals, medical structure has been actively involved in. But because the network marketing is difficult to have an immediate effect, coverage of the crowd, and some small and medium-sized city hospitals, medical institutions due to the network marketing consciousness problem, so in a very long period of time still can not replace the traditional media advertising.

today, due to the hospital’s network marketing awareness is not deep, lack of professional personnel, and the effect of network marketing implementation requires a certain period of time, the hospital also exists some quick success, do not want to dare to make strategic investment in the field of network marketing, resulting in a lot of hospital network marketing effect is not ideal. The network marketing is only the love they hate! Here, Ken Tan network marketing agency of hospitals, medical institutions to carry out several key points of network marketing to share with you.

first, brand advocacy and website traffic equal emphasis on

site traffic is more intuitive, brand effect is relatively obvious effect, can bring direct intention customer groups for the hospital directly, so many hospital network marketing is actually in the one-sided pursuit of this data, ignoring the brand effect. Only when there is negative information about the hospital on the Internet, I start to panic and look for public relations companies everywhere. Just know, the brand effect brings word of mouth effect no less than intuitive IP traffic effect. Therefore, the hospital in the process of network marketing, improve brand awareness and website traffic, these two issues should be mutually integrated.

two, in mode,

major hospitals and medical structures can be considered as a reference for their own core strengths and actual conditions in regional comprehensive gateways, specialist portals, or regional specialist gateways.

three, accurate market positioning,

hospital serves on the medical services provided by hospitals have the potential demand of customer groups, the website is in need of high conversion rate of flow rather than waste IP, for flow quality is always greater than the number of.

for hospitals, the network to achieve, that is, to identify the target customers, that is, in the hospital effective service radius within the effective demand of customers. Except for some specialized hospitals, most hospitals are restricted by the effective service radius. Therefore, it is very important to precisely locate the coverage of the advertisement. In addition, most private hospitals are not comprehensive departments, even the general hospital, there are many short board, so firmly grasp the characteristics of specialty articles. In addition, due to the intensification of competition in the industry, private hospitals have begun to subdivide the target population, positioning high-end customers or low-end customers, and their media selection and promotion methods are different