use Baidu Search "model", to find the relevant pages about 30100000 essays, can be used to describe the model of innumerable website, abuse, do model essay net competitiveness itself is very large. This month, Baidu, China’s Internet boss, officially launched a new service – Baidu documents sharing. Baidu has always taken care of its products under the door, such as Baidu encyclopedia, Baidu know, Baidu pictures are ranked relatively front, and affected by nature is a large number of model nets. Boss with you grab traffic, you are not afraid,


Baidu documents sharing on-line, the current two properties of the domestic relatively similar sites, the impact is particularly large. One is sweet when the net (, another is Douding network. When the fragrant network: focus on the various types of Word documents, which can make people free to share the Word document, the document includes a summary of the work, work plan, document document, speech, speech, experience, personal resume and so on; the disadvantage is must first upload the original document, can enjoy sharing others document permissions. Douding network: excellent sales and C2C document sharing community, sharing a variety of file format, including Excel documents, PowerPoint documents, text files, JPEG files and so on, disadvantage is holding the C2C brand is said to make the document sharing stale, a support for multi format, but is cumbersome, not practical.

topic correction, model essay net how affected Baidu document sharing, continue to maintain or further enhance their traffic. I think we need to make efforts in the following areas:

one to do the content: content is king, which is the foundation, but also the key, presumably this is also your webmaster consensus. Of course, you can ask the content where? Can the original is the best, not the original we have to do false original, here please note that many a pseudo original way, according to my recent observation on Baidu pseudo original try to change some more, or Baidu or can be found, which cannot underestimate the search engine’s intelligence. There is time to quantitative updates, remember not to ask for more than just refinement,

two to make a feature: characteristics of the original intention is to keep visitors, on the one hand, do not try to do, is to do a vertical type fan industry station, such as work experience summary essays, essays, the free net, don’t like whole grains to a the stomach. The second aspect is to seek the characteristics of the website creativity, this can only rely on everyone to play, to create, who can not imitate anyone.

three to do a good job: now there is a common problem is that there is no customer service or no message boards, or message boards are not long-term reply. Do you think you can keep the membership? Maybe you’ll ask me to do a model essay, especially a free model essay. Where will I go for it? Please look at the fourth point.

four to find a profit point: to make a website must be profitable, otherwise you >