] to why people praise you are not buying? How will the fence into customers? How to make the potential demand into the "real" demand? How to create demand? With the United States Netflix (NFlx) Company as an example, recorded it from birth to creative business, to expand the business, to defeat the giant, to become the whole process of the giant. Long words, recommended! (this article is taken from the Silaiwosiji Adrian "demand" a book for cultural product.


that was 2001. Four years ago, entrepreneur Reed ·, Hastings, was fined $40 for failing to return the movie disc on loan. Three years ago, he was inspired by the trouble and founded Chennai, which ushered in a new era in the film rental industry.

The first day of testing new ideas

, with the birth of DVD, further aroused Hastings’s interest. DVD is light in size and easier to reach than customers with large, heavy, and easily damaged videos. To test the idea, Hastings bought several CD discs (DVD was not good enough to buy), tucked into envelopes, stamped stamps, wrote his home address and delivered it to a nearby post office. A few days later, the CD was sent to his home. Worry is unnecessary, CD discs are not broken, but in good condition, play smoothly.

later, Hasitingsicai learned by mail DVD and not like the first experiment so simple. But his initial success gave him confidence and enthusiasm. He thought, maybe the Internet combined with DVD, you can create a new retail model, abandon the complicated movie rental process, a blockbuster movie Gallery (Movie, Gallery) (Hollywood Video), the Hollywood film and tens of thousands of family workshops movie rental stores.

one does not make two rounds. Hastings and several other members of the team set out to create the original site for people to choose from. They built a warehouse near the company’s headquarters in Scott Valley, a small town in northern California, to send DVD discs. They bought a lot of different styles of film and started making propaganda.

, however, their first product is far from the standard of magnetism. Same as now, there are two kinds of services for people to choose from, namely, web movie and mail delivery, DVD disc. However, the rent standard is basically the same as traditional stores, each starting at $4, and even a late fine system, and Hastings’s inspiration from the trouble of the matter is nothing like two. To attract attention, the new small company is also trying to get by