1. accurate positioning

and software engineering is the same, first of all to determine the site to achieve what purpose, and then decide what to do. Choose your own location, that is, choose a base. Personal home page is generally only personal interest, there is no process problems, but a commercial home to get as much access to the amount, you can not ignore the positioning problem. The pursuit of market demand, Taiwan abandoned too subjective desire, is the commercial home page and personal home page the biggest difference.

2. planning hierarchy

is like scheduling software menus, wizards, and toolbars. Make sure the content of the site is planned by a popular, easy to access, simple, and clear method. Perhaps it is easy to use C00KIE to let visitors first arrange their own habits and preferences, and then dynamically give visitors an independent personalized structure. But it must also be a generic structure, navigation form, nano level. Hierarchical planning includes directory arrangement, layout arrangement and so on, taking into account the convenience of updates and the orderliness of management.

3. text production

in fact, home page browsing is more like a fast-food culture, so articles placed on the Internet require brevity, popularity, and direct attention. Only the pure literature and art site, can too much exquisite text modification and writing style breakthrough. In other words, in fact, for the business owner, it should be clear that the format of a new type of application is more helpful to the information and value of the site. Not too much, not literature in grammar, not kick up a cloud of dust to make a simple complex problems. ZDNET’s software and hardware test series has already succeeded in forming a document format for 7 test articles, and although they look old-fashioned, they represent authority.

4. renovation

graphics and other decorative objects, according to the home page positioning style and content of the article to make. JAVA can’t be welcomed by a visitor simply by piling up a large amount of graphics on the host for the sake of beauty. Instead, a lot of potential repeat customers are lost.

5. publishes

must be tested in a variety of browsers, and some software can help simulate different browser environments, and it’s worth using.

6. processing information feedback

this is a stage where the site will have to spend more time: the feedback from the visitors is very important. Look at where the advice comes from and where it is.

combines message and WEBPAL and other network information reports, you can find a lot of home page did not think of problems and situations. You can then conduct a thorough review of the site based on feedback et information. But the change should be done slowly in the party, not in a day, in a style, and in a new face.

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