new technology in 5 years, helping thousands of enterprises to make the image display site, customers generally on the new technology of web design skills and ability of appreciation. But the new line technology now raises a very important question, that is, what is the purpose of building a website,


we through to some customers survey found that the current enterprise construction site needs mainly in the following 3 kinds of situations:

1. follow suit

because the colleagues or friends do a good job of the site, so they have to do even better and more expensive. But once the site is well established, no one is involved and no one has to update it.

new technology view: for such customers, we suggest that you do not have a website, but also can save the cost, because your site after the production of pure indulge in self-admiration. The new technology had a customer in 4 years ago to entrust us to make websites, in the last year by the website background statistics system, only 500 times the amount that browse, do you think this site is also made


2., a smattering of

some customers may have done some homework on the website before, but also have a certain understanding of the network, so in the process of making the website easy to persist in wilfully and arbitrarily, with their own will to lead, but the final result is the website structure and content is not in line with the viewer’s taste, so making a good website but did not play its due role.

new technology view: for such customers, we suggest that you can listen to professional advice, after all we think has many years of service experience, but also can provide better advice for you, including website design and website optimization. Perhaps we are not familiar with your company and industry, but we have a wealth of network experience, I think if you can communicate effectively, this will help us a lot.

3. "

most of the customers actually want to achieve display and marketing effect through the construction site, but have no idea, only through the network company to operate, but currently on the market the company network, meet the eye everywhere level is uneven. In this case the customer is easy to be deceived by some professional network company, the last is to spend money boondoggle.

new technology point of view: first time customers looking for Internet companies should first examine the qualification (such as the ISP telecommunications business license, the license is very strict, as issued by the information department), then through the exchange to see whether the company professional, rather than at a low price or blown to cater to your mind as if it were raining flowers. We have met many times in the past few years, customers have bought services for the sake of cheap, but not long after this company disappeared, and another is not to give you domain name transfer or net