to individual website stationmaster concerned, want to make a station stronger, bigger, content and flow are two most crucial index. However, although many owners to focus on the majority of content acquisition and processing, but compared with the scale of the business site, or difficult climate, traffic growth has always been difficult to significantly improve, rely on personal website to obtain income is more difficult. However, there is also a part of smart webmaster, rely on express content alliance this simple, open content platform, easy to get the first hand the Internet resources, not only won the bumper content and flow, but also easy to take the first step of the website profit.

express Content Alliance FlashGet (FlashGet) a personal webmaster’s platform, it is the biggest characteristic of the registered fast, simple operation, and the cost is almost zero, without additional server support, even to those who have a personal site only has a domain name owners can easily rely on it to build its own download site. Express content alliance will be based on personal Adsense settings, automatically update the content for the webmaster, the webmaster no longer for content to obtain and update trouble, can be called once and for all the coup.

‘s personal blogger, Kobayashi, has long insisted on writing film reviews. His essay is famous for its humor and humor, and many graphic magazines have reprinted it from his blog. Kobayashi’s blog operation for more than a year, visit IP approaching 1000, as he prepared to apply for Google Adsense to earn some advertising time-consuming, but the accident was Google rejected, reason is "the content of your site is not enough". Later, Kobayashi joined the express content alliance and added only one label to WordPress, which added a very personalized movie download area to the personal blog. Since then, not only access to traffic rising steadily, and also accidentally increased the original user’s viscosity, the average PV value of the promotion, so Kobayashi is very pleased.

originally added to the express content alliance’s personal website, in addition to strong content support, it also gets the recommendation of the express content alliance resources, and wins more display and promotion opportunities for itself. Also, the express Content Alliance backstage allows users to plug ads into the alliance site, that is, as long as your traffic is big enough, you can run an alliance site into a profitable site. What makes Kobayashi Kinki is less than two months before he joined the express Content Alliance after he had received the remittance express content alliance, although the money is not much, but enough to become a dynamic Kobayashi continued his personal website dream.

according to the Internet industry expert analysis, express content alliance is currently the only one can help webmaster site, and can help Adsense directly earn money website alliance. The utility model has the advantages of strong compatibility, whether experienced or new website webmaster, users can easily use and benefit.

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