has read a well-known industry commentator Mr. Liu Huafang’s "Chinese University contribution to the Internet is not large" article, with deep emotion. As a professional IT practitioner who dropped out of college, I think the current university computer education is not only a little contribution to the Internet, but also a serious step by step to destroy the Internet’s hopes.

learning environment: the sky is no longer pure,

is now the University of what kind of environment? Should the students said now and just out of school to find work students mind more clearly, in recent years the school really learned what. When truancy, night games, gradually become accustomed to fail the exam and even become the capital to show off in front of others, when the frenzy in online games in the PK while yelling at work hard to find, our dear parents still to the huge amount of tuition in the tired.

of course, I said that the above words do not represent the denial of the current national higher education. I also admit that in those 211 key institutions, the overall academic atmosphere is relatively good. But with the enrollment expansion and fierce competition every year, how many college students have the opportunity to study in 211 institutions, especially in private universities, the situation is even more worrying.

learning knowledge: out of school has been eliminated

if you ask a computer related student who is looking for a job, what skills will he take?. Almost everyone would say, "C," JAVA. But everyone wants to think, every year’s graduation army, your employment competition in the hands, which won’t C, which won’t JAVA, and your competitive advantage and where,


took me, when I began to write their own documents used WORD2007, a teacher in the classroom is still the basic operation of office2003; when the global more than 60% websites began to use PHP as the main development language, asked the whole school only one teacher taught a little bit of PHP; right now. I went to graduate this year once the university students, they told me in the school finally learned how to make a HTML


computer technology upgrading as everyone knows, very fast, although not everyone in college before have good access to computer and network, but only stay in school textbooks is bound to be eliminated. I was doing the work of College Students’ entrepreneurial incubator, a lot of motivated students to express their confusion is out of the "ivory tower" to participate in social practice or to be a good student in school, the Liu Xiaoren said: "knowledge or job confusion to witness the university spirit lost. Unfortunately, the university spirit is growing for material interests is steeped, praised the false fame subversion, is also difficult employment reality digestion."

University Teacher: knows the computer very much, but does not understand the Internet

you see, the famous experts on the Internet in the United States are almost always on the job of Standford