Three people in the


is becoming more and more popular as an online community, and almost to the point of "no socialization factor" is not a good idea. Community websites focus on the existence of "people," and thin, about three such users.

, the first user, according to one of my friends, is the peacock type user. This kind of user usually belongs to a celebrity or a celebrity in a circle, and has a certain appeal. A peacock type user login will bring more users, the benefits are obvious. But another feature of peacock users is that community operators should be aware that TA usually treats the community as a personal show, fiddling with its feathers to attract more fans (onlookers). Peacock type users are actually very low social interest (not without), relatively speaking, TA is more focused on relying on this community, to forge their own ID into an influential self media.

, Sina, and micro-blog, by virtue of celebrity strategy, attract a lot of peacock users. After such users become mainstream in a community, the community is no longer a community, but a media: social media (social media). For the network community operators, the only users of these peacock type user data, and ten times as many times as their number of fans groups, the face is actually quite vague. The ultimate commercial realisation of social media is still "broadcast" advertising, and this approach is not very different from the essence of the portal media.

second types of users, and peacock accompanied by, "vermicelli" type of user. In the eyes of the fans, they are more concerned with what the peacock said, rather than with the peacock interaction — although once the peacock and the fans will get the exciting results, because they know that if the peacock is busy. The fans’ desire for information is greater than that of human desires, and it has become one of the important driving forces for a community to become a social media. All I can say is that a conspiracy between peacocks and fans will lead to a social media. The more peacock, the more fans, peacock toss more vigorously, unable to determine the user attributes of the fans, the more media situation is stronger.

for a real sense of community, the third type of user is the key. I would call it a tool user: TA sees the community as a tool for communication, just like its own phone.

in fact, China’s largest online community began its operations in 98 years, and QQ., in the QQ community, did not exist for peacocks and fans. Some were just huge users of communication tools. In the QQ chat world, there’s no show, a QQ user who never speaks to you, and there’s no need to exist in your QQ buddy list.

social, in accordance with the dissemination of academic expression is "interpersonal communication", and Zhang San and Li four can spread out the premise of interpersonal communication is: