IDC sales staff classic flicker sayings IDC sales staff classic flicker sayings

a few days ago, a well-known Shanghai IDC operators of senior staff whim, IDC sales are most commonly used to bluff a few words together and published in his blog, these words very quickly in a number of domestic counterparts in the most popular IDC QQ group spread. Of course, the IDC staff spread this just as a joke at leisure, but from the consumer’s point of view, in fact, is a reference value of this classic quotations, can prevent the next few of the others, considering some of the primary users probably cannot read the secret, so today we try to analyze.

original text:

1., our virtual hosts do not limit the number of IIS connections, and the bandwidth is not limited.

2., we have 8G defense in our computer room.

3., we guarantee that one server only has 20 stations. It’s too unstable.

4. bandwidth no problem, to ensure that 10M exclusive, 100M share.

5., our 100 independence is indeed a hundred independence, but there are differences throughout the country, ah, you even to my northeast Fujian, there must be a loss ah.

6.? Your server card? That’s your problem. Nobody else knows how to do it.

7., our computer room is 6 line access, there are telecommunications, CNC, mobile, Unicom, long, wide, CTT, to the country, the speed is very good.

8. today, our company has successfully financing, become transnational IDC, each accounted for 50% of the shares.

9. Hello, we found that your company’s Chinese domain name has not been registered, in order to protect your interests, we help you register.

10., we are all long-term business, not for the immediate benefit of damage to our reputation.

readers, do you think the above words very familiar, that said — you have been fooled:

1., our virtual hosts do not limit the number of IIS connections, and the bandwidth is not limited.



server to run hundreds of virtual host, if not limit IIS, so traffic high site will eat a lot of IIS conversation threads, resulting in IIS heavy load, the Win2000 will appear on the "Too many users", Win22003 above that the service is not available. Of course, there is also the amount of memory available operators to manually adjust the IIS process and thread, but also adjust the cache size, paging and non paged memory buffer pool size, and the size of the paging file, so as to provide better performance, the IIS service will not down off so easily, but not limited to IIS>