Speechless night, suddenly feeling, go on the road carefully think of their own webmaster experience, have some feelings, write down the keyboard, is to share experience and everybody.

in Xinjiang for 97 years when access to the Internet, or dial-up, the speed is slow, the Internet was 4 yuan an hour, playing the most is the QQ, UC and the web version of the Arena games like little, landing a large portal stand what what.

started when the webmaster, or in 07 years, and then very fond of basketball, made a basketball site, but I can’t programming, two not software, three will not flow. Start Baidu search. Then start buying domain names, then buy space and domain names. Space is expensive, search out the IDC quotient of space prices are 100M on more than 200, and I think that the space market should be like this, and do not understand independent IP, independent server or something. The time to buy a space or a program to sell me, understanding of the network, especially when you are cabbage, pure rookie, do not know what the open source CMS, people with a source PowerEasy procedures, I sold at a price of 50 yuan, and then sell my space to 100M/150 yuan the price…… So on the webmaster Road, plus many webmaster Q Qqun, gathering area.

go on the road station, mentioned in many owners included the number of cases, started their own why the site has not been included Baidu and anxious, began to see how statistical didn’t flow, started at Baidu Post Bar, forum posting propaganda. This result, we must also be able to clear, short-term bring certain high flow, and then faced with the situation by K. At the same time, also encountered space, only 5 hours of normal open time every day, other time can not access, asked about the provision of space people, that is normal.

in the network for a long time, but also began to understand a lot of money making techniques, SEO techniques, know that began to cater to search engines, know the space is good or bad what. At that time, as I was looking for space, I began to share services with some friends from the group. Sharing the consequences is just maintained for a year, we shoot two scattered, go all the way, after all, this unsupervised nature of sharing, there are too many problems.

because I started on the station road, also know the importance of certain code programming means, he decided to embark on the recommendation of a friend of Jade Bird study journey, learning more than half a year, also understand a lot of things, making the site began seriously, but has not formed the idea. In fact, a lot of ideas, that is, want to do well, but also to make money, it is not easy. And at that time, and many IDC business practice, such as primitive people, what events, watching many reports, the owners stepped on the Crusade IDC way, feel the webmaster looks really bitter.

webmaster very bitter, I mean small and medium-sized webmaster, can’t offend the search engine, especially in the face of domestic users of Baidu search engine. Under can not offend ID>