The weekend of May 15th

in Shaoxing SEO college to lecture, today to have been studying in our website friends to share, to analyze the website itself, aim is to find the basic problems of website where then e-commerce website how to carry on the website promotion


talk about e-commerce website optimization 10 strategies, first of all thank us for search love technology, finishing research for almost a week, from a number of actual combat experience for you to tidy up 10 important policy

1. optimizes web page titles. Descriptive title to write 5 to 8 words for each page, the page of the most important content of the page title will appear in the search results page link, so it can be a provocative, to attract the search click on the link. At the same time, write the company name and the most important keywords on the front page content. Every page of the website should have the title of the page.

2. adds descriptive META tags. In addition to the title of the page, many search engines will search for the META tag. This is illustrative text, describes the content of the main text of the page, the sentence also contains the keywords used in this page, phrases and so on.

3. uses bold text. The search engine places great emphasis on bold text, which it considers to be an important part of this page. So make sure to write your keyword in the one or two bold text tags. Try to avoid making important pictures in the form of pictures, not to make a picture of the entire front page.

4., keywords appear in the first paragraph of the text. Search engines want to find your keywords in the first paragraph, but don’t fill them with too many keywords. Google probably will be full text every 100 words, 1.5 to 2 keywords, as the best keyword density, can get good rankings. Other places where keywords can be considered can be in the code’s ALT or COMMEET tags.

5. navigation design is easy to search engine search. Some pages use the navigation buttons to frame, using JAVA and FLASH to do is look very beautiful, but the search engine can’t find them, the remedy is to make a navigation bar with a conventional HTML link at the bottom of the page, can ensure that through the navigation bar to enter the site every page. It is recommended to design a sitemap or link to each page. Use HTML static web pages more often.

6. makes a feature page for some of the most important keywords. Search engine experts don’t recommend using any fraudulent transition pages for search engines, because these are almost duplicated pages that might be penalized by search engines. But you can make several pages, each page containing different keywords or phrases.

7. submits a web page to a search engine. In the search engine, site login site submit information, search engines will automatically judge and collect web pages. The most famous search engine in the United States is G>