in the A5 forum for each activity, I hope the people involved in a lot of people The more, the better., in order to show that the activities of the heat, also expressed their popularity, for businesses, in order to achieve the effect of advertising. A certain number of organizational activities, summed up each activity, the most depressed or onlookers more people, the real involvement of less. Maybe it is not interested in the activity itself, may be personal inertia, or other reasons, do not participate in a variety of reasons, but to find the reasons from their own words, is the activity itself is not enough to attract the eye, awesome.

before the dream of the river Blog Post wrote "accumulate wealth from Many a little make a mickle. start" analysis of some people to see the "send money" activities are not much interested in, people always hope that the 5 million was able to hit the jackpot, but not keen on a small reward. But after all, not everyone has the luck in lottery, if not cold, of how rewards such as A5 are Many a little make a mickle.? On the "cash flow?? want to come in!!! –bShare" punch "attack, you answer, we send the cash" activities, activities began on the third day, and click in reply to the ratio of only 0.054, indicating that some people are watching the mentality, do not know is that the reward is too difficult to answer, or small rewards to know the optimal recovery or sniff at? 200 yuan reward.

actively invites members to participate in activities.

each member of the site has a certain number, with each member administrator could not establish a direct link, also can not be familiar with, for membership, or have a certain distance with the administrators and moderators, although not superior, but after all, not everyone can become a moderator. So, if there is an administrator or moderator to inform the relevant activities of the website, invite users to participate, users are willing to. I am in A5 when the moderator is for some time, and also set up a relationship between members, some activities, I will take the initiative to invite members to participate in, or to take the initiative to inform the members to communicate information to guide users to participate in activities. Although not everyone agrees, but most users will still actively participate in the invitation.

is awesome enough.

but because the number of members is too large, the moderator can not invite, the most effective way is the attraction of the activity itself. Remember the 2010 A5 Bo excellent contest first prize is 5000 yuan, for many people, this award is very attractive, in all of a sudden passion aroused, so excellent activities also received considerable attention, some portals have also been reported. In July, A5 is the essay "8336" to join the grassroots webmaster, advertising alliance to create Wangzhuan carriers’ theme essay activities ", although the bonus was not as high as 5K, but also generous reward activities, sent a total of 5500 cash bonus, interest or" higher "topics to share friends can concern. >