personal webmaster in the success of many, I don’t want to talk about these successful, these paragraphs just discuss more general webmaster way out.

unlike the current brothers, tens of minutes can engage in hundreds of thousands of data stations, then we do stand entirely on their own hands, winter is also staying up late, but almost left the webmaster circle for a long time.

asked on 5G: "what’s the point of having hundreds of thousands of troops in the garbage station?" a friend immediately responded with no meaning.

for the regular army, hundreds of thousands of millions of individual stationmaster manufacturing site did seize their IP, increase their operating costs, reduce the efficiency of their operations, they will be very unhappy, even Baidu is very unhappy, have to vigorously fight, and recently hit the door CCTV.

once the webmaster is happy, at that time, do not just propaganda, a few pages, search engines will be very complex, word of mouth will be very powerful, IP bursting, advertising revenue toyozane, now the Internet is a piece of the red sea.

hundreds of thousands of millions of people have been or will join the field army, I no longer believe that they save or save them in the network, network, for the more general webmaster, I hope this is just a process of growth, rather than the end point.

there is no station webmaster really long proposition, you engage in these years because the network consumes much of the money may not be romantic? Now, the domain name space are cheap, but you have done a lot of contributions, to feed a lot of IDC and some site technical service personnel.

and personal webmaster, have you ever thought of your own way? By a few garbage stations + a few garbage Union, this will lead to human life sooner or later. For ordinary personal webmaster, I suggest one of the following gestures:

(1) as a hobby for study and work, one can make more friends, and two, at least in layman’s, can show you have the ability to be a little fashionable;

[2] if you refuse station temporarily still can flow, selling things, such as cosmetics or in your hometown of broken stones, will flow into purchasing power, can buy some new clothes for yourself, don’t expect the alliance, sow on the tree; at the same time do not intend to flow;

[3] through the garbage casting, to become a good SEM, or programmers, or designers, or operational planning, joined the regular army, become white-collar;

[4] is dedicated to a particular service, such as B2B in some sub sectors, which will give you an excess of RMB returns;

[5] personal learning ability is very strong, there is such a good foundation, unifies the advantages of the industry, can do B2C, or join C2C, as in business owners.


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