everybody is good, I am struggling! The article is not well written, I hope everyone will include

!First of all thank

station network (www.admin5.com) can provide us a good platform for the exchange of information! The article wrote really sucks, but through the article has made a lot of friends, but also improve the site visits and ranking! Now idle is idle, so to write a soft Wen, hope I can to make more friends


, here’s some advice for the novice Webmaster:

new well site, we all hope that the search engine can be faster! We all know do website after going to change link, to submit to the engine, to increase the chain, but can allow the engine to see you standing on the line! But some novice friends think through some of these methods is better than technology so, in the vast Internet search on this technology, the result? It is not only a waste of time, and not included, in fact the more complex things more simple, and to find some kind of technology rather than starting from the most basic! I like the previous site site, first add a small amount of the content, and then go to a landing engine, then change the link, what else did, the GG3 hours included, Baidu included 8 days, I or we are not optimistic about the CN here to remind the domain name! You just do not all of a sudden, new sites with a lot of content, the results have several days to update the content, but the content can be a little bit (must have content), then every day, included so as to better


these things are all well aware of that, but there are some owners to find that "technology", or go to the master for help, why my site not included. Such problems, these problems are in fact in itself, others saw such questions may not reply to your


is talking about local classification sites. Some friends may already know that I’m doing a local classification network, but I’m not doing very well. This article does not know if you have seen no [local station alert, whether or not you are in for others to do the wedding dress!] suggested here do local site friends come to see, this is my sorting station just do a month I see ah, or more timely, glad! This question worth pondering.! after I read it, feel very reasonable, so he quickly changed his name and website domain name www.suchafa.com for info, indeed Moumou classification network, friends network, named after the place so the name of the site is not conducive to the commercial operation of the future! Hope everybody here! May some friends will say I have to follow the trend of the website that is a bit like search www.sochafa.com taste. But no way, a lot of domain names have been registered, and had to choose this, in fact, personally feel that the domain name meaning is good, too