, I’m a newbie. I didn’t learn any website production courses. I just trained myself and learned to change some of the content,.

in the process of production encountered a variety of difficulties, art, programming, and sometimes I can not continue to do it, but in order to find out, I stick to it,.

I remember the first time to do, also spent 500 yuan to buy a good source to change. Finally the good after to the server actually does not support static script. I was very puzzled, finally to spend money to buy a static script support space, with his program, less than a week, suddenly found full network is all such programs, didn’t think of what to eat a sealed long Ichishi. I am a novice. Then slowly know some site of the brothers, they slowly taught me at first, or what not, because the terminology makes me feel unable to communicate, I have no contact with them for some time, until I got back to Beijing, go back and I still don’t give up. To do this, or download some of the procedures, to slowly change, at least I know when to change others program where the change, where is not the change, it So slowly change out of a web site, a very ordinary, but I feel very proud, a tourist site, I don’t need his popularity, I just to peer through a network of relay information, in the not so boring to use the telephone and paper to communicate the.

now, I changed the others program. You may have seen such program www.xibeiyou.com may say it is a garbage station, but I don’t think the garbage, at least I pay at the station, I had what we publish for everyone to see. I don’t think that what are not used, a a tourism website I have energy to do.

I still insist on update the content, because the new station in September 7th before the whole, Baidu included the situation is not a lot, but now slowly pick up, I believe I will not know to bring some northwest tourism information content, let them know more about.


I’m a newbie. I hope you can understand the heart of a person who has just learned how to do web work. I will stick to it, even if I don’t have any.