Before the

train in the operation of the school friends are likely to be clear, you, in the nature of the search page, from the beginning of second, the first position of the train is completely invisible, and the second position according to the search keyword categories in many different segments of the property, at most only half a display the picture, so the two position has been dubbed the "train riders black hole position, when adjusting the bid ranking, will try to avoid the two position.

below: the previous natural search page shows the rank of the through train


now train search ranking position has been revised, from the beginning of the second page dividing default attributes are put away, so after the first page location picture will only be blocked by about 20%, so compared to the previous second page third, fourth is the best location, now revised, page second best the location should be second, third, believe that this is Taobao for the optimization of train black hole phenomenon "to improve the shopping experience, the follow-up will further modify the first position of the picture may not be totally occluded, big family can concern themselves and tested for their

category keyword

below: Revised natural search, second page train rank position:


so many people have put forward the principle of ranking first. In fact, the so-called "top ranking" truth, seems to be a lot of people feel very reasonable, feel that the top 20 customers in the purchase intention is the biggest, so you desperately burn money, fight for the position of the front. The rules of the game, the big sellers may be the truth, right, because their money burned, one day the train will burn a few thousand pieces, but it still feel neither painful nor itching for small sellers; that is, Amoy second let you jump into the pit of fire to burn the game; you small sellers play? They met some colleagues said around train, said, category or keyword bid 1 dollars an hour, click on over 100 yuan, but not a single; I thought: are the ranking of thought for poison, you may earn more below; my opinion: 1, ranking the train before the purchase intention is bigger, I think, is not directly proportional to. I observed the IP train traffic, find the ranking will click in the customer, jump loss rate is high, because they are compared to the mentality of you; on the list, the residence time and jump loss rate is relatively low, because they have been put in front of the contrast, think of you the product is suitable for almost his appetite, basically stay more time; so simple to say, probably in front of the top as cannon fodder! Do the train! I don’t look at the key words in the first few rows, but about whether to show the amount of clicks and. 2, ibid., perhaps the top ranked peer click, >