site in the search engine has a good rankings in order to have a website traffic, but how to have a good rankings? This is your headache, following a website through I, to discuss how to do in accordance with the requirements of search engine.

1. site framework. The use of streamlined code, such as: DIV+CSS, try to avoid using table, FLASH, pictures, so that the site load faster, reducing the search engine crawl burden.

2. original content. Update your website regularly or inject fresh blood into your article. Search engines like new things. If a website is all collecting or copying other people’s content, then your website is not far from K.

3. inner chain. To link all web pages together, there should be an entry between pages. If it is not particularly popular keywords, through the chain can improve the ranking. Of course, the chain position also need to put right, reasonable and normative in the chain is very important.

4. site map. When the site is done, to timely do two sites on a map, submitted to the search engine, as for how to do, go to the Baidu search inside it; another is to give users see, let users into the site through the site map can immediately find themselves looking for.

5. should submit your website to major search engines in a timely manner. As for why, I believe everyone should know, but remember to not submit frequently.

6. soft wen. And in their own related door station issued soft text, link bait. Generally speaking, less than two or three days, more than a week can be included in the major search engines.

7. links. Want to give your website to strive for more excellent relevant friendship link, use text link. Must not link K, cheating, did not include the station. You’d better check it every day, or you’ll be next to K.

8. don’t try to stand group if you don’t have enough experience.