with the rapid development of mobile Internet, the huge business opportunities and many entrepreneurs feel more and more mobile phone site, as for the development of APP and mobile website construction is the key is how to make each one has its own merits, their operations. The current age of the Internet and more closer to the distance between people, so any operation are indispensable to social relationships, social network around the billion odd operators to share mobile phone mall site of several major operational skills.

1, the operation must first understand social. In this social marketing is king of the era, if only marketing, but not social, sooner or later will be all eliminated, especially mobile phone mall website operation, must first understand the mobile social networking, mobile phone terminal operators through the website, if it will only push the marketing information, will make people disgusted, so in marketing before starting from the interests of consumers, and consumers to communicate, understand the needs closer together to do the marketing is not late.

2, respect for user reviews. Mobile phone mall site operation on sales of the product will have users to comment on the entire transaction process, some sites in order to preserve the reputation for some negative comments will take coercive measures to remove, but often this is wrong, we all know that all things are not perfect in every respect, can not meet the needs of all users, only good comments will become the consumers do not trust the root, regardless of the commentary is good or bad, should respect the consumer, most of the operators do is from these comments to reflect the existing problems.

3, be the true opinion leader. Mobile terminal social platform activity is not worse than the PC side, operating mobile sites, naturally use these mobile social platforms, in order to obtain the hearts of users. The so-called real opinion leaders, is to cultivate customer loyalty, which will be accumulated from the usual share content, so that users can actively reproduced and spread your content, that is to publish content has certain influence.

4, pay attention to the quality of content. Website operation is to achieve marketing in the promotion of the operator with the help of media marketing is the most popular ways, such as through open social platform operations, the quality of the content is directly affect the user’s behavior, one of the methods to do is social operation, the beginning of the operation is not immediately their content marketing left out, but the high quality content to attract the user’s attention, the time is ripe to be marketing.

5, timely communication and feedback. Mobile phone website operation from social perspective, attention is always user experience for users on the platform in the comments, to prompt attention and reply, do a good job of communication problems, the interaction with the user in the form of help to improve the user experience, let users get the feeling to be cared, able to maintain with the user’s emotion.

6, don’t be stingy with others. Mobile phone mall website is established in the industry circle of mutual competition and cooperation and survival, since it is social operation time >