do not know how to define the title, my station was Baidu included, and has very good rankings, their summary of some of the work I do in my blog, but to write a bit of a mess, now simply summarize to your reference, my station was built in April 9th. In the choice of domain name, taking into account the entries after the continued use of the domain name, and continues to update my blog, so creative a appreciate their domain name. From the preparation of the competition, decided to blog, using the latest version of Wordpres 2.5, as one of the friends in the forum said, WordPress program has inherent advantages, optimization of the content is very helpful. On the program, I used a simple SEO template from abroad: the 3 column of the SEO template, layout is defined according to their own preferences. Two more important plug-ins are added: All, in, One, SEO, and Google XML Sitemaps. The WordPress program is not "description and keywords, can only modify the template, All in One SEO to solve this problem, and the optimization of some other places, we can look at, I do not understand, I find this plug-in from WordPress on the official website, the use of more people, I will make use of the ha ha. Google Sitemaps naturally needless to say, this is conducive to improving the Google included, right?. Other areas of optimization are Permalinks, which is defined as /%year%/%monthnum%/%postname%/ in terms of some WordPress optimized articles found online. Unknown its already, hope ace to help answer.

Since the establishment of the

blog, update many original content, are some personal opinions of their own, a few of them to the webmaster online, still stand, laggards forum, published one or two, domain of his Sina blog, Donews blog updated a few articles, I’ve read an article about the graph king the soft article, to understand the value of Donews, and joined the blog link in Donews My input. The content of the website, reference the experience of a few other blogs, comment to the content that sends oneself, feel more popular. The blog has built the chain is not much, in addition to these soft brought links, is to exchange with other comrades Links there are several links to your web site, are some related websites, included not many, but there is a period of time without adding new content. See someone talking about sandbox, no longer continue to do links. Do not know how the role of the chain in Baidu, it is estimated that other sites have been included in the rankings will therefore have a larger decline.

is my blog temporarily in the Baidu search ranking seventh Google 100 Aogu, today let me a false alarm, when I search the site in the morning of 80, late.