says all switches are difficult, and there’s nothing wrong with that. No matter what you do, the switch will always face many difficulties, and even experience a lesson, engraved on my heart, these lessons enough to let you grow. Pioneering with SEO operation Taobao guest is a typical case, painful lesson, let me deeply understand a truth: online money making, subjective positioning is far greater than objective factors.

location is far greater than the subjective objective factors! How to understand this sentence? We mainly discuss the Taobao customer network to make money, the location mainly includes the following two aspects: host selection, promotion of technology and product selection. Many people complain about the forum, peer competition is most difficult to Taobao customers, all due to objective factors, even more than once I heave great sighs. In fact, we do not have to be so pessimistic, subjective wishes and efforts can completely overcome these objective factors. Especially if you are subjectively positioned, objective factors do not completely stop your income.

host selection, painful experience tells me, must not petty gain,

do not buy a domain name and host guest. From a long-term perspective, the stability of the host, the long-term domain name, the impact of a site ranking is very large. Many people are either limited to funding at first or, because of their inner vulnerability, tend to lower their hosts. Coupled with the Ministry of domestic host for the strict control of the record, a lot of people on the domestic host prohibitive, forced to select the Hongkong host, South Korea host, the United States host. I’m not performance totally uncertain these hosts, but in the long term, or domestic big brands host is more stable, such as network host, new network host etc..

why recommend you have to choose the domestic host? Pioneer has done two Taobao customers, once due to host reasons, ranking drop again and again, the site is down again and again. Initially thought, from the agents to buy the host, cheap, and not for the record, convenient. No one thought, when you really optimize the site ranking almost, you will find that the site will be three days, five can not open the fork, and sometimes the speed is still slow, and finally because the group shared IP was implicated in the right to drop. Such a bad situation, the consequences can be imagined.

so painful Taobao guest Let me understand a truth: network marketing, host selection, not just look at the price, pay more attention to the host performance, to ensure the stability of the host, and then consider the speed of the host, then compare the price.

just think, a succession of change host, itself is not a marketing personnel should make mistakes. Of course, if you even the stability of about 1000 yuan a good host also feel difficult, that’s different.

promotion technology, fine, not in many

from a certain point of view, as long as your promotion techniques are good, no matter which product you can make money. For the product promotion technology, we are more inclined to SEO technology. In addition to the low threshold of this technology, low investment, and more importantly, it cited