"who is nurturing small and medium-sized webmaster? Now do webmaster popular is kept."." Do not know how many readers read this sentence, how do I feel? Anyway, I was bound to leave the original mother of Ali to the location of the withdrawal. There are two reasons, one, Baidu yesterday update site lost more than 60 thousand pages. (of course, this is not Ali mother and a relationship, dare not utter) two, this argument is not harmonious hate.

advertising pays attention to language packaging, eye-catching. When we ordered that the advertising picture was kept, it was found that Ali mother’s three package policy, in detail under the point. Nearly 600 sites are. Do not know by Ali mom wrapped the site webmaster heart what feeling?. Is it the pleasure of being a second wife, or is it helpless, or is it painful and joyful?

previously, Wang Jianran once said, love Ma accounted for the entire Internet China cheap, a Alibaba is not enough, straight up a world full of Ali mother, mother said, and the webmaster response has been slow beat, perhaps, just to remember, perhaps, only to show another layer of meaning, and the second half of 07, Ali mother is crazy money. The webmaster group burning heart.

08 years, Ali mother steps like slow burn, burn after experienced about 5000000 tracks may also reflect on the people, Ali, they think that stupid China small webmaster actually not as stupid as they want. Maybe I’ll have to change my way to Ali’s mother. In the face of burning money on the station, it does not burn, immediately withdraw code dilemma, Ali mother 08 years want to use Taobao platform to achieve and personal Adsense separate or expand their own field of purpose. Unfortunately, the network business does not call such advertising patterns, people are always accustomed to a successful model, and naturally exclude another marketing model. The two revision after another down from Amoy to the recommendation, made little benefit. Helpless, have to change tactics, in the personal Adsense market.

personal Adsense market huge temptation and difficult to control the situation, really let Ali mother management headache for a long time. "Mom is kept with the heart of Thanksgiving Thanksgiving was born, his mission is to small owners" helpless Ma Yun had said at a news conference on the turn is very helpless words, when many small owners grateful heroes when listening to a horse, everyone seems to forget a unified caliber, is is this Thanksgiving products, let Ma Yun Ali series to the stock market. Now it seems, Ali mother with gratitude heart back to small and medium-sized Adsense, it is a false proposition.

crazy crazy appearance rate, the viral campaign, let mom in the limelight without the two, all after the Spring Festival, around the outside of the pornographic topic, only one: you wrapped up? This is a fantastic topic. Many webmaster reaction in the first time is: small and medium-sized webmaster hope. Ali mother burned money again. But the fact that these small Adsense surprise. Package of 600 stations, basically no more than 100 single week >