has more than half a year in stationmaster net. Read a lot about SEO, but they cannot read, do not understand a lot, see those letters. English giddy in stationmaster net to see the article in question, Ali forum, QQ group to ask questions. Finally understand, open a web page the most, shown above, the name for this title. The title is written, have to say, really the domestic SEO industry talent contention of a hundred schools of thought are doing SEO, estimate the master out, they really made a lot of time in this study, the experiment, in order to conclude to. Provide us with the younger generation to learn……. Read an article, say what the best SEO is not to SEO… Really halo ah, do not have the SEO…… an expert said, the site is not included in the title, not the best time to. Want to write what title is good, what title can bring traffic to the site? This is the best site.

                initial Title SEO optimization, with the simple name OK…. before that, if you write too classic or write too popular keywords in the search, will give you a good ranking results. Or give you a K word, or let you wait three or four months later, again you, look at your performance… Etc… the search included stability (update rules in the search according to your website), this is the page title SEO beginning. For this purpose the title writing, to the current estimated two for many, one is large website, a net plus behind a classic language. Like this form of Website Title [my hardware China professional B2B – · Chinese hardware site] see master do not laugh at me, I just said this form. No other means second. A relatively easy to use, Is currently a lot of SEO in the field of master in use. The site is a few keywords all written words, is in the range of search within the set. As the webmaster network title. The wording of the website, very favorable in the search. The two kinds of writing, I tried on their website. In second ways than the first kind of way in the search, ranking


              second I is written [| hardware hardware mesh network hardware | Chinese | Chinese |] hardware site in Baidu ranking, hardware on page fourth, on page seventh China network hardware, network hardware on the first page, Chinese hardware site on the first page in the valley is brother is ranked, hardware on page 8, page 13 China network hardware, network hardware on page 4, China hardware site on page 3 and now I use the first written, miserable, searching for the words in the Baidu Valley brother search rankings, all >