a lot of new webmaster want to know how to adjust their initial site? What routine process can go? I want to say is the hands of every webmaster station is different, so the problems will be different, we only study data analysis hand inside, we can find out the problem of website. The author summarizes the website development experience for the webmaster, provides some website to make the strategic adjustment method, and shares with everybody.

first, check included, adjust website classification page. This is the most simple check included, through the query we will find what website pages included is a problem, the amount collected enough is not the weight of domain name or web content is relatively low? There is a problem, a large number of web content copy others? How to link structure we do? What the chain quality classification page would you like to? Not included full page chain? These all need to consider and adjust their own webmaster.

secondly, check traffic, strengthen popular product page. You can query the statistics through the Baidu search traffic, we can see the search traffic accurately, access time and search traffic, we can see what users hot search keywords, my station is made the chimney industry (Figure 1). By analyzing traffic, we know that search engines care about which page of our website, and we need to make appropriate adjustments to strengthen the content of these pages.


diagram 1

again, analyze traffic and find potential keywords. Through the above picture, we can see the flow of keywords, in addition to the main web site keywords, but also found that they did not expect keywords, and these keywords also have a little correlation. However, those not related to the site, but accidentally brought a little traffic, you can not use it for the time being. We can consider adding new website news columns to those with large search volume. There is the keyword conversion rate, the conversion rate is not high keywords, because we have problems with the content of the page, keywords and content of the page is not relevant, it is necessary to adjust.

then pays attention to rankings and analyzes competitor websites. Keywords ranking is the most concerned about the webmaster, a ranking site has traffic. Most of the time a part of keywords ranking unstable is normal, especially in the range of several lifting and dozens, when we found the overall ranking decline was not punished by the website is the search engine in the new update algorithm. The author’s advice is not to move first. Look at your competitors’ rankings, do you have new competitors, what’s special about their websites, what do they have in common? Compare and move on.

finally, I want to add that the analysis of other websites is a very interesting thing, sometimes you will have unexpected harvest. Why do other websites link to my website because of the content of our website?