2007 January 16th, do not know why, perhaps it is doomed, I am still in Internet cafes, but I do not know how to open the station network, opened a let me find life place. I do not know why, I can’t help with half an hour one go in Adsense nets to see "the contact network process the bitterness of 4 years (due to my privacy, please do not reprint)", but the day my mind was empty a day in the past behind in imperceptibly. That night I didn’t sleep a night, I woke up suddenly regret, I regret to suppress in mind a few years in the Internet to write out, I didn’t sleep that night. So I went to No. 17 on the first Internet cafe is behind put the article to be director of the post to the webmaster site story bar to delete, because I don’t want to put my pain and let others know my privacy. I also changed from 20 to 10, from the laggards to the ones that were not outdated. But I never thought that the article I indicate due to my privacy, please do not reprint posts should be Admin5 to turn, I regretted it for several days, I regret it too should not write those too involved in their own things, but now things have been in the past I have put the address.

in 2007 January 18th, I wrote another story about my hard work of making money online, and I became obsolete.

is 07 years from the beginning of September, I haven’t tried one day heart, then I junior school, because there was no money, so tuition has been holding, until December, the school teacher began Gesanchaiwu urging me to call the tuition, tuition is 5900, I think the family mentioned several times but, there is no way, the parents did not work, a second hard in the past, now nearly 6000 3 but the burden is too difficult, my teacher for my mother on the phone, my mother do good words, but the teacher is only a word, do not pay tuition fees on your son Qi fired, to be honest, the private university is really black. But this blame me, blame me when in high school did not do well, but I was in high school have tried, alas, too cruel reality. After 17 years of Spring Festival holidays, the teacher gave me an ultimatum: school begins in March 13th, or 5900 of the tuition is paid to the school. Otherwise, don’t come.

07 years of the Spring Festival, I did not go home for the Spring Festival, a person staying in Beijing. Every day I just put my preoccupied by some troubles, well after nearly a week of work vacation, but finally I was a loser. That is the day of the new year, I began to come to this Internet cafe every day, want to forget the real world through the virtual world, I began to stay behind in the day every day, and then do my own small station. Nothing else, I felt I was not me, if there were no words in the world, why would I?. Then it was a smart chance. 81idc’s boss found me from behind the scenes. After chatting for a while, he decided to help