with the implementation of the 19 floor business plan, there are a large number of aspiring entrepreneurs with local community dreams, joined the large family of local communities. Indeed, there are too many success stories in the local community. Grassroots cock wire turned Internet elite. All this seems to be so beautiful. But I’d like to talk about my story, and I hope to give some help to those friends who are going to join the big family in the local community.

one: the beginning of all origins,

remember, it was 09 years ago, and I’m still selling in a small trading company. I saw a forum in Suzhou by accident. Remember that time is called food color Suzhou forum. (later acquired by the 19 floor, is the predecessor of the 19 floor of Suzhou, such acquisitions for the grassroots, it is not a good idea. ) a young man who works in Suzhou. It’s a community of friends. Very hot. For a friend like me who doesn’t call less, it’s great to have such a website. You can meet many people in a city. In this way, I came back to Wuhan after a whim. At the end of 09, I set up my first website, Jiangcheng forum. Is also the flagship friend. (has now been renamed Jiangcheng network)

two: everything is difficult at first

began to know nothing about it, because I studied mechanical engineering at University, but at that time I was only in discuz’s 5D6D, and I knew the background of discuz. Procedures, space, what is the help of others. In this way, the site on-line. At that time, still work, because not long after graduation, no savings to go out of their own business, while working side maintenance, then busy work, did not how to respond. Just like that, like most of the part-time webmaster, you have time to post it. Go out and play with your friends and show off your website.

three: learning growth stage

every grassroots webmaster must go through the stage, learning, continuous learning. Perhaps because they are not learning this, from the site of the program, website construction, spatial knowledge, to promote marketing and SEO, all have to learn. At that time, Baidu was my best teacher. I’ve learned the discuz program, DEDE, Empire, simple HTML programming, and so forth. Although now Baidu K a lot, I stand, but I still want to thank you. By the end of 10, I was basically half a station. Therefore, I believe that every station is a very good student of their ability. Slowly to the industry also basic understanding. The basic knowledge is at least half of it.

four: the change to the stationmaster is

took part in the first Internet Conference in Hubei in 2009, and saw our lovely, outdated fish, my respected A5 king. The photo I don’t know where to put, otherwise I also take out to play. That meeting could really affect me, even to the back of me