believes in itself, especially when it comes to running a local portal that believes in its own operations.

today, tell me about my portal operating experience. I was in touch with the Internet from May 2007.

did not know the website at that time, also won’t make money through the internet. Joining a Beijing based web site as a local operation, to be honest, there’s no chance of success. But I foolishly believe that I can succeed. In essence: the experience of their local users is not good + system platform instability + their ignorance, and by the end of 2008, I did not make money. So I was a little discouraged.

angry, I thought of re working hard again in the job, so when a relatively large enterprise group, executive head. This is my strength, grasp the great social resources, so I feel more eager in the Internet business, the two together is based. As a result, I took more courage, continuous running in the two major groups, social resources and secretly engaged in the preparation of Internet start-ups. Work during the day and work hard at night to learn internet technology and operational knowledge. At the end of 2009 10, I have no notice of the circumstances, successfully build a place can step in the hegemony of the portal network operating platform, the work is a sense of hard work, entrepreneurial feeling is desperately. Now, six months have passed, and the website I have taken has initially realized the basic application goal of the local gateway network. Next, the need to increase efforts to integrate social resources, cut into workable means of operation, the merchants come in, the institutional enterprises to come in, the government and social organizations to come in. Is to engage in, make him a pitch-dark, the money came to me. Hey hey,


A5 webmaster network is really good. Can see many webmaster elite business sentiment articles, really very long to see, as I strive to do their work as the A5 Adsense nets fans, their Internet entrepreneur in the A5 Adsense nets to share with you.

said you experience I will not say, many of them are the same, is nothing but the means, the key lies in the integration of resources and capacity, which is capable of Oh, I dare not underestimate, suggest you focus on


I want to say is, as a business owner, should have perseverance, not afraid of loneliness.

1, do website, must think oneself accurate, and the website that is interested in.

2, once located, will never change until death. It’s like having faith, loyalty. Don’t follow the crowd blindly. Don’t do what others do. You do what you want.

3, select the system, select the host space, select the column and content, select their own local operating characteristics of the way.

4, attaches great importance to customer experience. My system is currently seriously suffering from this problem, and I am suffering for it and trying to change it. Because the user experience is very important. In the design must be consistent with user psychology. You can experience yourself as a user. >