Hello everybody, I’m beet, 14 this year, can only be a rookie webmaster, and want to share with you to do their stand experience.

I started surfing on the Internet, probably in 2002. I didn’t know anything at that time. The biggest thing was keeping QQ pets. Then is about 2005, hooked on Baidu Post Bar, Post Bar every day in a bubble, and a lot of friends of irrigation, towers, buildings, T chat.

initially do the station should be considered in 2007, when he was idle, just go to the TOPZJ application for a free forum, only one person or pull a few students playing plug-in. Later, no one came to himself, also felt boring, no longer managed.

in 2008, I made a magazine reader forum, 5D6D forum is free, very stable, who later turned out to be the official forum as readers. But now magazines have their own websites, so they haven’t done much.

then, an event is a network engaged in 2008 impressed me most, free to apply for a year CN domain name, then change mailbox registered more than a dozen, but many have forgotten. See a large fan site do prosperously will note a full of sound and colour, corn, made a a star fans forum. Want to go to this star’s post bar propaganda, who knows the hair did not have a few minutes, a dozen big Lord, small Lord, half words not say, when advertising all deleted.

and Baidu out of a "yes", and made a forum called "Hello ah" also released on the A5 soft Wen (explosive situation). Later, no space + no popularity, but also died.

to this year, saw a lot of SNS hot PIA PIA, and want to follow the trend of a cup of soup. I’ve also tried a SNS, a http://s.tiancaiwo.cn/. Publicity is not, and now registered members only 30 a few! Which eldest brother can teach English propaganda? Ha ha, I believe that as long as the publicity is good, certainly can develop ~


finally welcome everyone to communicate with me, QQ:327338022. Ha-ha。