woke up in the morning and had no time to get dressed, so he opened the computer hurriedly and kept on site…. Because yesterday was Thursday, Baidu updated the day. Fortunately, their own few stations are still leisurely and carefree, in the arms of Baidu’s eldest brother slept soundly. Although I stand in the eyes of others, perhaps just garbage representatives, may be some people do not worth mentioning, because in their eyes. The station was born in which moment is destined to be no future, because he is not the so-called industry station, no service and profitable even can bring benefits to users of things, which only rely on the alliance to bring their own benefits. No matter whether it’s garbage or not, in my eyes, as long as I can make money, I don’t waste it.

station is not what halo under which the envy of other occupation, because now the webmaster is too much, do not have a website like N years ago, want to learn HTML, ASP,.PHP, DW, PS and even Html based are do not understand, find a CMS tutorial the next program to rack up a crazy mining is a website. A spate of these so-called "web site" will lead to the waste station this term is popular, according to the statistics of a media China personal webmaster about 1 million 500 thousand or more but it can really make money and how many do, even most of the webmaster also stand in a trash and garbage in the crossroads wandering. Don’t know to find a so-called industry station to do so, even as others said when a career to do, or give up out of this website webmaster circle, after all, their own hands do the entertainment station or near the station and several union money can not feed themselves. Even don’t know is to listen to the public, give up garbage station to choose industry station, or continue to update. They all believe they do not make money even to trash! But ask the industry, no individual can not play the turn! Remember graph king said, individual stationmaster always end service platform to e-commerce to close, but even in your server and must consider how to pay the rent. I don’t know if you will choose a short-term can bring a lot of traffic of the station or to choose a long-term goal of the so-called


I am a webmaster, a garbage station for the webmaster, and every day is also like everyone to update, to link, to do the station. I did not consider what the so-called industry stand, because I know I can not afford, no more capital ranging from one or two years or even longer to regard him as their life-long career to do well, maybe this life won’t have to do anything else, like the king of figure admin5. can be said to graph king in this life do not have to consider what else to do as long as the related services and surrounding the perfection of ADMIN5 will be a very successful thing, but also had the dumpster graph king was born, if you have money, have money to invest, of course, is to find a so-called industry station to find a project to do. If you are the same as me, a poor webmaster, even the monthly space fee to consider whether there is money to pay, then I advise you still good >!