website content update occupy an important position in the SEO optimization, search engine optimization love included in the original text, for those pictures and copy a copy of the article, the spider is generally not grab, the weight high website, may be able to get the favour of search engine, included effect can be better. In general, the content of the website updates, or the original is most likely to win the favor of search engines, especially regular updates, the effect is more significant. SEO needs a strong execution, the content update is also a continuous process, the webmaster, is not a small test, to ensure every day of the original content of the update, also need to avoid useless content accumulation, only in this way, to ensure high quality content updates.

how to avoid useless content updates? First of all, to ensure the readability of the content, the readability is to give users a point of knowledge, this knowledge of the language is the popular spoken language, not superstition those pseudo original tools, brain machine can imitate the forever. To ensure the readability of the text, continuous learning, constantly imitate interesting language style, such as listen to crosstalk, watch some reproduced the high rate of post, there are some popular network scripts, such as micro-blog, will let us in the website update, meet the Internet users’ reading style, let them have to watch, and be able to read.

secondly, to ensure that the content of the original web site, this is the most important one, this original may not be their own things, you can learn from other people’s ideas, and then use their words to elaborate. Many people do not want to write, in fact, no matter what, there are rules to follow. As a webmaster, especially personal Adsense, basic is an all-round player, from the website planning, the chain promotion, content update needs all aspects. Although the early hard point, and only continue to do, to try, you can slowly understand the true meaning. Wait until the site has a certain scale, the needs of the division, as policymakers webmaster, may only be a main direction, but because of the early is a versatile player, for the website optimization, some aspects of the promotion of the basic can understand, it can be targeted to make decisions and plans, and the ability of employees to have a objective evaluation.

website content update, not behind closed doors. Many webmaster in content updates, love to similar sites to find similar themes, though this has certain advantages, from the long term, easy spinning in a circle, it is difficult to let users see new things on the web, so, although the same content, the same theme, we should some are even going to happen is what join in it. Increase the user’s attention, so that they have a strange feeling, only to satisfy a person’s curiosity, the user can be interested in reading the content.

, Baidu and other search engines are a good teacher. Often in Baidu search engine input some and website content related keywords, will find a lot of users >