my first website, and most webmaster, is to apply for a free space, just learned by then wait "production of knowledge, a lot of editing effects, the so-called personal home a total of only four or five pages, then I feel very good, as if from that moment is their own identity on the Internet, there are the status of the people, always can’t wait to see an acquaintance asked the other down their own…… Of course, it’s funny to think about it now.

The so-called

second sites, but also the use of free space to do that, I sold a CD Windows 98 in Taobao, a total cost of 3 dollars, but sold 120 pieces, secretly laughing. Under the stimulus money, so ready to play a game with Dreamweaver, create multiple selling teaching CD ", uploaded to the application of free space station, called" knowledge store ", a total of only four pages, but back and forth to beautify the update twenty times, and do the homepage of Microsoft almost, I put them in my computer, as a souvenir! What? On the four page of your black people how much money? To be honest, this is a failure, didn’t get. Taobao’s business has been ruined for this, too,

third station, but also a chance, I saw an article "Chinese most cattle B website HAO123, once again stimulated me, so I paid, buy a domain name, the station called PCCN computer knowledge base, and spent three or four months making more new, finally give up, mainly because I do not understand the programming, website update on Dreamweaver loaded prepared template, then add, save, add links in the corresponding web page, and even to add" on the original. Demanding and thankless, the highest visits were no more than 100IP.

fourth station, is also my two website now, named the world boutique website Jicui, the voice of the people. Worldweb has done more than a year, when the new year came inspiration, registered the domain name 5Aicn, meaning "I love Chinese", another reason is that the CN domain name registered person is not reliable, if the final is for others to sweat, so the COM domain name registration. The voice of the people has not improved. Has not been optimistic about the industry’s 5Aicn have some hope, at the beginning of the site, the first three months of the day IP is 100; then 300; this time no see, today, has reached 1000 on average (Note: last year IP. So excited, it), to webmaster nets hair article.

I would like to thank the two anonymous friends: a help to write, put my address posted on the "computer"; another of my site to a large forum, a day for me to bring thousands of IP. Thank them,


said so much, it seems to be irrelevant: doing a website is actually testing a person