Hello, I am happy, after the lapse of unloading from half a month, and re filled back this time, I found that is different from the beginning of the attack from the front, from the internal Ali, Ali to extend to the outside, a man pulled one hundred people stood outside friends as a benchmark beyond the WeChat in the next period of time. Ali’s new boss Lu Zhaoxi claiming to be the director, Ma is director of old, old director said in the internal Ali internal staff must use and from external (non Ali employees) the number of friends must be greater than 100, otherwise there is no red (year-end bonus). This Ali Xiao louluo are anxious, start crazy foreign people, so there is the East, West, large, similar to the title of the eunuch. It’s going to be a lot of fun. Did Ma Yun do it,


"it’s as easy to beat WeChat as Taobao beats eBay,"

this sentence is Ma Yun pointed out at the meeting, I would like to remind Ma Yun heroes, at that time, it was 20032004 years, the Internet has penetrated into people’s life, people are curious and dare to try attitude to the Internet, furthermore, eBay made a serious mistake Taobao, will make the wind and on the eBay, far behind.

now? Ma face Ma Huateng’s products, QQ, WeChat, and have become indispensable to people’s life and social tools, Ma is some what? Taobao? Alipay? No? And not every day to buy things, who have the money to spend every day in addition to buy things? Sellers to Taobao for this part of the group except.

therefore, Ma Yun’s dealings with this mobile end product would take a little longer than WeChat QQ such a powerful opponent, it is a little difficult.

"don’t think you’re a tyrant, you can do whatever you want,"

"no one should stay in this company without anyone else.". Because this is what each of us can do, this is not a strategy, this is Ali in the wireless age to fight for the right to survival efforts." "Nobody believed that Taobao would beat eBay 10 years ago. Why not try it 10 years later," Ma Yun said in an internal note. "


full here to remind you of the face of Comrade Ma, WeChat is the powerful enemy, that is to say the two sides have strong support, who beat who is not certain, but one thing, really stand in the user perspective to the problem of talent is users want, you talk about, isn’t it


"don’t sacrifice users’ feelings to defeat each other,"

Daniel said, "never to the foolish old man’s spirit to beat WeChat," I agree with the master here said, comrade Ma Yun, you know, WeChat has been in existence for more than 2 years, and you only released a few months, just like a newly born baby out and at the age of two or three children play, you can play it? Ma Yun you make your home the baby to eat a lot.