classified information network operating environment now seems to have become quite dangerous, a few years ago, 58 city and Ganji is no two of glory, even in the TV media have made ad, also please the big star. This let many webmaster friends see a classified information network can bring profits, mining classification information network was also deeply, from the big city gradually developed into a small city, but also start to break through the way of profit.


subdivision mode of operation, coupled with the classified information network and other types of Web site has certain conflict, which gradually led to the classification of information network competition, so when the classified information network in the innovation of their profit model, also need to pay attention to the competition method, so as to make yourself stand an invincible position.

, a real estate profit model, this is a classified information network profit model is very important, more and more real estate information will be released in the classification of information website, but in order to enhance the competitiveness of classified information network, in the beginning, classified information network should take the principle of free to release information, and even some the housing agency released information to the free principle in the classified information website, when the popularity of a certain accumulation, and then charge for it, just like Alipay in the accumulation of a lot of popularity, and the formation of consumption inertia, fees for the same reason.

two, flea market profits, why flea market can bring profit to you? This is mainly for high-end users, such as a gold member on the website, these members released information will jump in front of the information, the information can help people get more attention. For this website, but also a good income.

three, matchmaking profit model, the profit model and profit model of the housing intermediary basically consistent, its operation is also roughly the same, of course, in addition to what recruitment information, business services and other information are using this method after the first free of charge, to encourage users to increase the popularity of the website by loyalty, finally just let the site profitable.

After the

profit way clear, classified information sites and many professional types of websites will lead to serious conflicts, including personnel website, real estate website is one of the representatives of the classified information network should be how to deal with, I think it is the authenticity and timeliness of the information of the two aspects.

is the key to enhance the authenticity of the classified information network brand image, since the release of classified information in a lot of information online, but also relatively complex, for the webmaster, screening will some more difficult, so released free users must register to become a member, then the member issued credit authorization, when a member released the information is valid, then the membership degree of integrity will be higher, it can be recommended by this website, the accuracy level setting way to promote information.

timeliness is the requirement for members in >