first statement: This is not my original, this article is on the basis of the editing and make some modifications and improvement (because some of the views and my views contrary), may also be known as pseudo original, I don’t want to hide what.

a good system can turn the devil into an angel. A bad system can turn an angel into a devil. Members have two sides, good or bad to, need to guide, a good rule can make the forum quickly improve the quality, and reduce the malicious, and vice versa.

many forums will encounter a problem, is a member of low quality and malicious phenomenon, in fact I think this not blame member, because our forum rules are not standardized also have certain factors. Members need guidance, if the member makes a mistake, that is what we do to guide the management mistakes, I think the relationship between members and our management as children and parents, the child made a mistake, you blame him, or blame the parents? Both to blame it on


actually solve this kind of phenomenon is very simple, we can make a provision, in accordance with the different levels of membership, the number, can limit the per hour post for example, I shall post the new registration for membership: 5 posts per hour, the higher the level of per hour post number more, I set the is ranging from 3 post -x posts. As a result, I feel members of the forum is very standard, and they are very cherish the number of its post, good results of the reduced post quality is not high and the irrigation chaos phenomenon, at the same time, although the number of member posts is limited, however, we formulated the provisions of article two, is in essence, the points to particularly high +20 integral; in addition, I also set up flowers and egg function, that is to say, as long as he posted good enough, the other members of the recognition, he will get a lot of flowers, and the poster and flowers can be used to exchange coins, the although the post is not much, but the quality is very high, but the increase of the membership points, so in our forums can be reduced or even does not exist (ideal) post quality membership is not high and the phenomenon of irrigation.

From the angle of

administrators say, do administrators, the forum in order to well, with the enterprise to sell products to customers, you must first understand the customer’s needs and problems need to be solved in there, the introduction of a rule or policy, must proceed from the member’s position, take a look at not really convenient member, really good Bangui is to make members more convenient and comfortable, but not to restrict or punish members. And don’t punish members (you know who is on the forum of "consumer", but the consumer is what our God) to find many crown spring grounds, to know the official word two mouths, it is easy to find a pretext to beat, in addition to some unknown things by members of the fan (often these members, mostly to managers, flattering overtures). Thus, if you are a member, you are willing to in this theory.