genesis January 3rd

Hello! I think we are not tired, also the beginning of each greeting, talk together, but I want to tell you, I was a polite farmer, so I want to say hello. GJJ, it’s polite:) feel sick!


not sick, everyone, I now have domain name, virtual space yesterday also chose good, today will go to see the space. It is said that there are a lot of free space on the Internet, but I am a farmer, a simple farmer, I know a word, a penny, a sub goods. So I’m not going to use it for free or decide to buy a room for a fee.


for their choice of a good virtual hosting space? What kind of space for me? Why do some North space access speed is good, slow as customers in the south to visit

carts?If the customer is

China buy Chinese space, don’t let anyone tell what to buy a foreign space, foreign space can be closed! Online friends tried a few foreign space only half a month has been closed,

suffered heavy losses!

on the space, as far as possible to buy a single line of good, double line, 3 or more lines of space, absolutely no single line stability, like a mobile phone, as many functions, the quality of the call on the decline.

in the choice of space, a lot of space they can try, then we have to check him on probation. UNIX server system for the PHP language website supports better, windows and NT support for ASP is better. The software must provide FTP, web logs, POP3, SMTP, send letters, multimedia functions, firewalls, JMail and so on. There is also room for limited traffic, usually in g/ months, and you can use the tools or website system to detect them.

next to test the speed of space response,, via this url. Usually the connection speed 10ms is normal. When you get the right test space, go to PING to see the host that is Telecom or Netcom, and then upload a file (at least 5M) to the space, were looking for friends from all over the country (North and south, telecom, China Netcom), try to use IE to download your file, let them tell you download speed is minimum and maximum value, the minimum value is usually less than 250KB, the maximum value is lower than the 450KB space can be considered to give up, of course the higher the speed is

!During the

trial, if the space is always unstable (you can enter ping

at the windows system command prompt

to test the current speed of space. Frequent failure to open, FTP can not connect, web pages wrong, 500 error code and some other anomalies, and timely contact space providers to solve these small problems within 1 hours is enough to solve. >