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the horse prairie: after earning 500 yuan of feasibility analysis" spent more than one hour written in the morning, were published in the "read the world step by step – horse prairie forum" and "webmaster nets", "portal website and forum" and "China station". Site: in the evening: Malaysia grasslands: a day to earn $500 in non feasibility analysis. Presents different results on Baidu and Google.

, Baidu can search the search results, only China’s Webmaster Station published two results show. May be due to Baidu’s collection algorithm is more and more strict, and to new station requirements higher. Other sites do not show any signs of collection and display. China Adsense station of the PR value is 6, the weight is higher, included faster, this is natural thing. The author’s personal forum, the PR value of 3, relatively low, there is no update, included shows that it is normal. But the gateway through the web site and webmaster net PR value is 6, but also did not show in time. Therefore, strict requirements on the station in China received and remarkable in website weight of webmaster.

included display on the Google is relatively more, shown in the first row is the portal through the forum, then China station, then the following is the portal website, then the station network, in the fifth row of the personal forum. Visible, Google included in the first appears to be relatively friendly and fast. Secondly, Google search rankings to a certain extent reflects the weight of the site rankings. Finally, Google can also increase the trust from a number of websites and internal and external links and received the friendly degrees.

sum up contrast analysis, we can draw a phenomenon, although Google included more, more timely, and Baidu included more and more strict. However, because most of China’s Internet users still used to use Baidu, the PR value of Google for Baidu included, the role is not too great. Baidu has its own set of algorithms, and Xu and Baidu cooperation in the same conditions can be under the same site search, ranking, weight and update speed.

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