contact network from high school graduation has been seven years now, from a child who does not know how to type, grow into a site classic rich woman station, it is not so easy:

1999, I still remember that just graduated from high school at the age of 15, I was naughty don’t want to go to college all day without actually busy at home, in order not to let my bad, my mom just spent a lot of money to buy me a time allocation of 586 of the best (or WINDOWS98), interested in computer since then, I slowly became neighbors recognized computer repairman (installation very well).


time, until the end of 01, when I first contact with the network, all kinds of information completely attracted my attention, then the Internet has two characteristics: one is your two is slow (or by telephone line dialing that) so I used to COPY a lot, "to your hard disk, and then slowly appreciate (don’t laugh at me secretly, it is because there is money), the site of the idea is the beginning of the 02 year, just an idea did not immediately go, because I don’t have any experience, the station can not start, but I have a strong interest, slowly, but the time has not been determined to tear down the confidence the whole brain was just talking about a word:" we must do a good job". Because I did not learn too much professional knowledge, and do not want to invest money, so the search for some of the two domain name and some free space information, it is easy to apply for it down.

The first time

website is certainly not stumbling, deliberate to set the theme of the site, just according to my interest to build, it is a game download site, then I gave the small website name flying dog game downloads, but there are many of my friends asked me this name for what is actually not what, just because the name originates from a game. Here, there should be a lot of stationmaster at me, the two level domain or free space, how can the game download other! Otherwise, I use the method of most of the owners are used, is stolen.

              even the beautiful page is my site from other down on the switch to change, don’t scold me, because I will put the blame on less knowledge, technology, in fact, do not underestimate the change ", for I have never done a website and never learned professional knowledge of small webmaster, quite easy to three days, and three days, finally issued a small scale website (including home page, channel page, content page) are static, not even CMS, composed of pure page content is modified on the page! After the site built, ostentation is yes, but only a few friends know that between (because I didn’t understand what is called promotion), after the general is not rash and too much in haste to usher in a calm, quiet even half a figure website Can not see, but in search of online related >